Just like the water; TORRENT creates a calming zen experience. The blend between ivory; silver and blue yarns create the illusion of a ripple effect on the water. The best yarns are used to create this magnificent piece. Tencel yarns add softness and sheen and make this handwoven beauty come alive. Create the perfect zen space with this handwoven beauty!

Product specification

Item ID 247.001.500
Country of origin Belgium
Color silver/blue
Made To Measure Yes. In store only. max 8/18m.
Size 170 x 240 cm = 4.08 m²
More sizes available on request only.
Weight 3000 gr/
Pile material Tencel
Thickness 3 mm
Weave Handmade
Technique Hand woven
Knots / m²
Care & Cleaning Professional Cleaning Service

Natural Materials:

  • Wool (Rug Quality: High-Very High)

Synthetic Materials:

  • Decolan (HSPP)  (Rug quality: high)
  • Frise or Shinny Heat-Set Polypropylene (Rug Quality: high)
  • Viscose (Rug Quality: Medium to high)
  • Polyester (Rug Quality: Medium-High)

Made in Belgium.

It depends on where you are.

Orders processed inside Amman will take 1-2 business days to arrive.

Orders processed outside Amman can take anywhere from 1-3 days to arrive.

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