Rugsvogue provide high quality area rug cleaning service, focusing on care and attention to detail, that restore rugs to their original beauty while removing all dirts and allergens.
We use specialized equipment and extensive experience to provide the most professional rug cleaning services in Jordan exclusively.





Synthetic Collections

Piazzo, Patina, Nobility, Ink, Bloom, Joy..

80/140 = JOD 5

135/200 = JOD 10

160/230 = JOD 15

200/290 = JOD 20

240/330 = JOD 25

280/390 = JOD 35

3-6 working days
cleaning + drying

Wool/cotton Collections

Djobie, Metro, Jade, Native, Kashqai, Origins, Diamond, Tigani, Flux, Legend, Harmony..

Per sqm = JOD 6

3-6 working days
cleaning + drying

Delivery and installment fees: JOD5

*If you hand over your rugs to us, you will receive 20% discount on prices above.
*Cleaning service due winter season could take up to 7 days.

*Cleaning service due holidays could take up to 10+ days.
*This service is exclusive for rugsvogue customers* (we accept only our brand rugs).
* We don’t pick up rugs from outside Amman, you need to hand over your rugs at our showroom.

Fill the form below to get contacted by our cleaning service center in 24h or by telephone: +962796111012.