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Size: 170/240
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Premium 100% wool rugs, expertly crafted to bring warmth, comfort, and style to any living space. These rugs are made from high-quality wool fibers that provide exceptional softness, durability, and resilience.

OREA rugs are foldable, making them easy to store and transport. They are also hand-finished, ensuring that each rug is unique and boasts exceptional quality. The anti-slip backing provides added safety and security, preventing slips and falls on smooth surfaces.

Product specification

Design ID 520.82
Item ID MG990
Country of origin Belgium
Style Hand finished.
Color description
Size 170/240-200/300
Pile material 100%  Pure Wool
Thickness  mm
Weave Machine-woven /  Hand finished
Knotting Points
Knots / m²  
Care & Cleaning Dry Cleaning or Professional Rug Cleaning
The factors for choosing the perfect rug color include:
Already settled on the color, design, and structure of your rug? Great! Now, let's talk size. Whether it's for your dining area, living space, or bedroom, choosing the right size is crucial. Here are some quick tips to guide you through:

Dinner table

  • Measure your table first.
  • For everyday use, add 75-100cm to each side.
  • For occasional use, add around 50cm.
  • Standard sizes like 200x300cm, 250x350cm, or 300x400cm often fit well.
Four seat dining table

Dining table with four chairs

Six seat dining table

Dining table with six chairs

eight seat dining table

Dining table with eight chairs

Square dining tablesRound dining tables

Round and square dining tables

Living room

  • Option 1: Large rug covering all furniture.
  • Option 2: Front legs of the sofa on the rug.
  • Option 3: Small rug as an accent.
  • Ensure space between the rug and walls, and consider the sofa's height.

Option 1:

Normal SofaL Shape Sofa

Option 2:

2 Seat Sofa3 Seat SofaL Shape Sofa

Option 3:

2 Seat Sofa3 Seat SofaL Shape Sofa

As we said in the beginning, there is no 'golden rule', it is still your own interior, so feel free to improvise, possibly in combination with one of our tips from above.


  • Choose your rug early in the redecoration process.
  • Consider the rug type: deep-pile for warmth, patterned for display.
  • Opt for a larger rug partially under the bed for impact.
  • Maintain at least 60cm around the bed for proportion.
Ideal bedroom sizeBed SizeBedroom variations

Remember, there are no strict rules—your taste and style preferences should guide your decisions. Feel free to mix and match, and don't hesitate to reach out to us for further advice. Your space, your rules—let your uniqueness shine through!

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