How to Add Color to a Neutral Room
How to Add Color to a Neutral Room
Neutral colors like whites, beiges, and grays create a fantastic base when decorating a room. To bring the room to life, you may wonder how to inject color into a neutral space. Here are some ways to add color, from decor to wall paint.

  • Plants
Plants are great for adding vibrant green to a neutral room, complementing natural colors and wooden furnishings. Consider flowering plants for an extra pop of seasonal color.

  • Feature Wall
Painting one wall in a bold color can add vibrancy without making the room feel small. Feature walls work well even in small spaces if the other walls remain light.

  • Wall Patterns
Instead of painting an entire wall, consider adding a painted pattern or a feature shape, like a rectangle or circle. Removable wall decals are also an option for an easy update.

  • Rugs
Rugs offer a versatile way to introduce color from the ground up. Choose a rug that fits your style and use its colors as a base for your room's palette.

  • Curtains
Bright curtains can be a focal point in a neutral room. Matching cushion covers can create a cohesive look without being overwhelming.

  • Statement Furniture
A single statement piece, like a vibrant chair or a unique storage unit, can add significant color. Coordinate other room elements with this piece for a balanced look.

  • Tiles
Colorful tiles, especially in kitchens and bathrooms, can add character to a neutral space. A tile backsplash or patterned floor tiles can make a big impact.

  • Paint Furniture
Painting a piece of furniture, like a chest of drawers, can add a personalized touch of color to your room.

  • Bookshelves
Use bookshelves creatively by organizing book spines by color or adding decorative items. This adds color and personality to a neutral room.

  • Art and Pictures
Hanging colorful art or pictures adds personality and color. Choose pieces that reflect your taste and create a personalized touch.

  • Accessories
Small accessories like cushions, throws, candles, and figurines can introduce accent colors without overwhelming the space.

  • Single Accent Color
For a subtle approach, choose a single accent color to highlight key pieces in the room. Different shades of the same color can add depth without clashing.

Knowing how to inject color into a neutral room can transform it from uninspiring to stylish. Explore different avenues and have fun creating a space that reflects your personality and style.
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How to Add Color to a Neutral Room

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